107" Diagonal Ultra Short Throw Projector ALR Screen

107″ Screen Viewing Distance: THX’s recommended viewing distance from screen surface to eyes when seated for a 107-inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio projection screen is 12.0 feet (about 144 inches) for full immersion, while their max recommended viewing distance is 16.8 feet (about 202 inches). SMPTE’s maximum recommended viewing distance for a 107-inch diagonal screen is 14.5 feet (about 174 inches). 

107″ Image Width and Height: The rectangular dimensions for an exactly 107-inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio projected image onto a perfectly-flat, vertical wall are 93.3 inches wide by 52.4 inches high.

Does MirraViz Make The World's Brightest and Thinnest UST ALR Screen?

Using patented Directed Photon technology developed in Silicon Valley, the 107-inch diagonal MirraViz Super Bright Screen [manufacturer’s link] [NOT available at Amazon] measures less than 1 millimeter deep and weighs less than 10 pounds!! Its unique magnetic wall mount uses non marking adhesive so it won’t do any damage to your wall. It features a high 2.05 gain, rejects 39% of ambient light, and has a 72° viewing angle. Made in the USA. Until MirraViz decides to end the following special promotional price, you can use discount code SCREEN at checkout to purchase this $1499 screen for $1000.