BenQ V5000i Triple-Laser 4K UST + 100" Fresnel Screen

It appears that BenQ listens and responds favorably to the feedback of their customers with requested feature improvements, and also seeks to differentiate themselves from other UST projector manufacturers on the market with their level of service.

The big knock against their previous V7050i single-laser 4K ultra short throw projector was its really poor specification of 83.34ms (1080p@60Hz) for input lag, making it a horrible choice for most hardcore gamers. But they have flipped the script entirely with the improved ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) capability on their new for 2023 BenQ V5000i triple-laser 4K UST projector [manufacturer’s link]! Published input lag specs and refresh rates are as follows. 4K@60Hz: 17.9ms / 1080p@60Hz: 17.9ms / 1080p@120Hz: 21.2ms / 1080p@240Hz: 8.7ms

The other big difference with the new V5000i UST projector is that it is designed to be used and set up with a 100″ diagonal ambient light rejecting screen, specifically their own SNS21 100″ Fresnel projection screen with peak gain of 1.4 and a 90° viewing angle. This screen rejects ambient light from above the screen and both sides, making it a perfect solution for either daytime viewing in a brighter room such as a living room, or cinematic viewing in a darker, light-controlled room or dedicated home theater. Best of all, your purchase of the BenQ V5000i UST projector and SNS21 100″ Fresnel ALR screen INCLUDES PROFESSIONAL HOME INSTALLATION by BenQ’s ISF and THX-certified engineers!

More standout and noteworthy features…

QS02 Android TV dongle is included which allows access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and all the latest Android apps, as well as wireless Google Cast and AirPlay screen casting for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows computer, or Chromebook. Google Play, Google Voice Search, Google Assistant.

HDR-PRO technology employs Optimal HDR Tone Mapping (Dynamic Black), Leading Local Contrast Enhancer (1000+ zones), and SSI Dimming to overcome brightness constraints and optimize contrast effects for authentic HDR performance.

CinematicColor does 95% of BT.2020, 98% of DCI-P3, and 100% of Rec.709 color spaces to deliver precise colors; advanced color temperature tuning with 11 levels of white balance adjustment between high to low brightness enables the most accurate mid-tone colors.

Filmmaker Mode and 24p Playback Support display movies exactly as directors intended.

3D-ready with optional 3D capable source and optional DGD5 3D glasses.

3 year limited warranty!

Projector brightness is rated 2500 ANSI lumens. 20,000 hour laser life. HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG supported. Dolby Digital Plus Audio with dual 5-watt tweeters and dual 15-watt woofers. Auto Screen Fit and 2D Keystone, Manual 8-Point Corner Fit. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connectivity includes 3 HDMI inputs (one with 4K/120Hz compatibility)/eARC, USB 2.5A, optical digital output, 3.5mm mini-jack analog audio output, RS-232 input, and DC 12V trigger. Projector dimensions are 30″ wide, 6.4″ high, 14″ deep, and it weighs about 29.1 pounds.

Where To Buy You can purchase your BenQ V5000i triple-laser 4K ultra short throw projector and screen at

This page was last updated on February 4, 2024.