Bomaker Polaris 4K Tri-Color Laser UST Projector (Screen Sold Separately)

Bomaker is the audio-visual brand launched by Substanbo in 2016. Their Bomaker Polaris 4K tri-color laser ultra short throw projector [manufacturer’s link] [NOT available at Amazon] is the lowest-priced triple laser UST projector featured on this website! It utilizes the Texas Instruments 0.47″ DMD DLP chip, features a Ricoh wide angle lense, and reproduces 193% of the NTSC color gamut. Bomaker claims that the Polaris is one of the quietest running UST projectors you can buy, operating at just 19dB.

Pure Motion, commonly known as MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) makes fast motion smoother and less blurry. Built-in Firefox web browser, YouTube, and File Manager. Tons of adjustable settings. Screen mirroring for Android, iPhone, or iPad via Wi-Fi makes it easy to use your device as a wireless mouse, air mouse, keyboard, touchpad, gamepad, remote control, and wireless camera. Built in 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, Mstar 6A-838 1.7GHz CPU. You will probably want to supply and connect your own external TV box or stick solution for streaming apps.

The most common knocks against this budget 4K UST projector are its lack of 3D-capability, lack of keystone correction capability, and its older Android 6.0 operating system, so you will want to take considerable care with placing the UST projector on a level surface and adjusting the projector legs and projector placement itself as needed, and ensure that your projection surface or screen is perfectly flat and perpendicular to the projector.

Up to 150″ diagonal image size. For a 100″ diagonal image screen, you will need to locate the Bomaker UST projector 9.1″ from the wall or screen’s surface, on top of a stand, cabinet or tabletop that supports the 13″ depth of the projector and extends to at least 22.1″ from the wall or projection surface.

Built-in 20-watt stereo audio system. Up to 30000 hours of laser life. 2500 ANSI lumens brightness. HDR10 and HDR 10+. Includes IR/Bluetooth remote control. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Connectivity includes 2 HDMI 2.0 (one with ARC), USB 3.0, USB 2.0 on left side, optical audio output, 3.5mm AV input (includes 3-in-1 adaptor cable), and Ethernet. Includes an HDMI cable. Projector dimensions are 20.5″ wide, 6″ high, and 13″ deep, and it weighs 20.3 pounds.

How to Buy You can purchase your Bomaker Polaris 4K ultra short throw laser projector online at