Samsung LSP9T 4K Triple Laser UST Projector -- Screen Sold Separately

The 2020-model Samsung LSP9T [manufacturer’s website link] [video] is a single-chip DLP 4K ultra short throw projector that uses triple-laser RGB technology (NO color wheel) and runs on the Linux-based open-source Tizen operating system.

90″ to 130″ diagonal screen size. For a 100″ diagonal image/screen (according to the throw distance chart on the spec sheet PDF), the LSP9T projector should be 4.4″ from the wall on top of a stand that supports the 14.4″ depth of the projector and extends to at least 18.9″ from the wall, and the bottom of the image/projection screen will be 13.8″ above the surface where the projector rests.

Brightness is rated 2800 ANSI lumens. HDR10+. Filmmaker mode. Connectivity includes Ethernet, 3 HDMI, USB, optical audio output, RF input for connecting DTV antenna or cable ClearQAM. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 40-watt speakers. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby voice assistants. Remote control. Projector dimensions are 21.7″ wide, 5.6″ high, and 14.4″ deep.

You can purchase your Samsung LSP9T 4K ultra short throw projector online at

Searching for an integrated cabinet/stand solution for your Samsung LSP9T projector, center channel speaker, and A/V components? Three different styles are available from Salamander Designs. The CHICAGO in Black Oak, the MIAMI in Gloss White with Black Top, and the OSLO in Black with glass doors pictured below are available at The IR repeater system which is required to use infrared-based remotes to control the projector and other components located inside the cabinet is sold separately, and is also available at