Ultra Short Throw Projector Produces 4K Image 100+ Inches Diagonal!

If you’ve got a large enough room where you can be seated 10 to 13 feet or more away from a screen to watch movies, TV shows, and/or play video games, and you also don’t want to drop seventeen grand on the Sony XR-100X92 100″ diagonal 4K LED television (which weighs nearly 200 lbs.), OR fifteen grand on the Samsung QN98QN90A 98″ diagonal 4K QLED television, OR even eighty-five hundred bucks on the TCL 98R754 98″ diagonal 4K QLED TV, you should definitely consider purchasing an ultra short throw 4K projector plus a 100″ to 130″ diagonal ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) projection screen (which you will need to assemble). 

UST obviously stands for Ultra Short Throw. I’m glad that you’ve found the UST Projector dot com website. My goal for this site is to showcase the best ultra short throw 4K projector models that are currently available from top projector manufacturers which can be easily purchased online by consumers living in the USA.

UST projectors with native 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios have been on the market for quite some time now for installation in settings such as boardrooms and classrooms, with the projector being permanently mounted “upside down” on the ceiling or wall up above a projection screen. Only within the last several years have 16:9 aspect ratio ultra short throw 4K UHD and 1080p HD video projectors become available as an attractive and viable 100″+ big screen television solution for setup in the home.

An ultra short throw projector is so-named because the distance it projects upward from the lens onto the screen surface is extremely short. UST projectors are conveniently designed to be placed underneath a wall-mounted projection screen atop a table or stand that extends just a few feet out from the wall into your room, similar to a television stand. Compared to conventional “long throw projectors” which must by necessity put out more lumens of light because the image needs to travel from the back to the front of a room, a UST projector can produce a bright, colorful, high-contrast picture even during daytime because it is located so close to the screen, even in a room with some ambient lighting. Of course you will improve the image if you can darken the room.

While ultra short throw projectors do have built-in stereo speakers similar to a small soundbar mounted inside the front of them that actually don’t sound terrible, you’ll definitely want to consider connecting your UST projector to a separate surround sound audio system using HDMI eARC/ARC to create a complete home theater system that rivals your local cinema 🙂