Ultra Short Throw ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Screens

Sure, you could project directly onto a large, perfectly flat white wall or even a “conventional” matte white projection screen, but an Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) 16:9 projection screen designed specifically for ultra short throw laser projectors is a must to get the maximum picture quality possible from any UST projector, even more so for daytime viewing and/or in rooms with windows. Unless stated otherwise, assume that assembly is required, as well as proper wall-mounting and alignment with image from UST projector.

***Seeking a DAYLIGHT SCREEN? Planning on using your UST projector primarily during daytime hours in a room with an excessive amount of ambient light from ceiling lighting, lamps, sliding glass doors, and/or large windows? Check out the page about Ambient Light Rejecting ALR Daylight Fresnel projection screens designed for UST projectors.

***Seeking an ELECTRIC FLOOR-RISING SCREEN? If you prefer NOT to wall-mount a fixed-frame projection screen on the wall and/or simply don’t want to have to assemble your new screen, check out the page about Ambient Light Rejecting ALR electric motorized floor-rising projection screens designed for UST projectors.

Wall-Mounted Fixed-Frame Ambient Light Rejecting UST Projector Screens

ALR Screen

For darker rooms with fewer issues due to ambient light, AWOL Vision offers their C100, C120, and C150 Cinema Screen [manufacturer’s link] [available in 100″], [120″] or [150″ diagonal at Amazon] which rejects 95% of overhead light (not side light), and features a lower 0.6 dB gain and a wider 170° viewing angle. Each of these screens can also be bought as part of a bundle together with an AWOL Vision 4K triple-laser UST projector.

The XY Screens ZHK100B-PET Crystal [manufacturer’s link] [available in 80″], [90″], [100″], [110″], or [120″ diagonal at Amazon] is an Ambient Light Rejecting wall-mounted fixed-frame projection screen with an ultra-thin frame which rejects 93% of overhead light, features 0.8 gain, and has a 160° wide viewing angle.  

Seeking the widest possible 180° viewing angle? From perhaps the leading brand of projection screens on the market today, the top-of-the-line Elite Screens Aeon CLR Series [manufacturer’s link] [available in 103″] or [123″ diagonal at Amazon] is an Edge-Free Ceiling Light Rejecting wall-mounted fixed-frame projection screen that uses 0.6 gain StarBright CLR material which absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting and provides contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens. LED back-lighting kit included!

Looking for a more affordable screen solution? The Elite Screens Aeon CLR 3 Series [manufacturer’s link] [available in 103″], [115″], or [123″ diagonal at Amazon] is a wall-mounted fixed-frame projection screen which features 0.8 gain and absorbs up to 90% of overhead lighting to provide 75 times greater contrast levels than matte white screens. 170° viewing angle. LED back-lighting kit included. These are the same screens that can also be purchased as part of a bundle together with a Samsung Premiere 4K UST projector

Akia Screens is a subsidiary brand of Elite Screens. Don’t care about the LED backlight kit? You can save yourself some money by going with the CLR4 screen [manufacturer’s link] [available in 115″] or [123″ diagonal at Amazon].