Stands and Cabinets for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

If you plan on going with a simple plug-and-play electric/motorized floor-rising ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) projection screen together with a 4K ultra short throw projector placed directly on the floor in front of it, you obviously don’t need to purchase a stand or cabinet specifically to hold your UST projector.

Don’t want to place your AWOL Vision 4K ultra short throw projector and AWOL Vision 100″ or 120″ floor rising screen directly on the floor? Check out the new AWOL Station pictured below!


If you prefer, at the push of a power button, to command a hidden motorized ALR screen to rise up from, and disappear back into, a cabinet synchronized with a UST projector that appears from, and then disappears back into, a hidden sliding drawer mechanism, you might want to consider AWOL Vision’s elegant integrated all-in-one Vanish Laser TV 4K UST projector plus 100″ or 120″ Cinematic ALR screen solution. You should also check out the beautiful selection of motorized laser TV cabinet and screen solutions available from VIVIDSTORM!

A primary consideration when choosing any specific UST projector stand or cabinet on/in which to place and support your ultra short throw projector is its height, because a stand or cabinet that is too tall and/or a ceiling that is too low could potentially limit the size of your image/screen. Don’t forget to calculate for the extra vertical height required between the horizontal surface where the feet of your UST projector sit and the bottom of the projected image/screen, which varies anywhere from around a foot to a foot and a half or so depending on your specific UST projector model and how large your image/screen will be. For the rest of this page, I assume that you will be going with EITHER a wall-mount fixed-frame OR a wall/ceiling-mount electric motorized drop-down ALR screen (OR projecting the image directly onto a flat wall). Actually, select models of VIVIDSTORM’s electric motorized “floor-rising” ALR screens include a pair of wall-mounting brackets, so…

POVISON UST Projector Stand with Manual Pull-Out Projector Surface

The awkwardly-named POVISON TS1021BL “Modern TV Stand for Projector” [manufacturer’s link] [available in 79″, 102″, or 126″ width at Amazon] is a perfect solution to support your 4K UST projector just 11 inches off the floor atop a rectangular 24.5″ wide x 17.7″ deep surface that can be manually pulled out up to an additional 9.8″ using the embedded gold-colored pull handle before you start your viewing, and then manually retracted when you’re finished. With its white “Sintered Stone” top and accent on the center drawer, contrasted with its black vertically-ribbed body hiding more drawers, this modern UST projector stand would look nice underneath image/screen sizes ranging from about 90″ to 150″ diagonal, depending on the stand size you buy and whether it’s located up against, or out just a bit from, the wall. Dimensions are 78.7″, 102.4″, or 126″ wide, 11″ high, 17.7″ deep, and it weighs 84, 99 or 114 pounds. Delivered to your home in three cartons which may or may not arrive at the same time or on the same day. Simple assembly required attaching the three pieces.

Salamander Designs UST Projector Integrated Cabinets

Salamander Designs offers three styles of their Model 245 cabinet, each with a custom-shaped cavity cutout Black Solid Surface Top which perfectly fits and supports select models of Epson, Hisense, and Samsung 4K UST projectors about 15 or 16 inches above the floor, recessed flush with the top of the cabinet. Extruded aluminum frame. Built-in louvers for better airflow. Pinch-out rear panels with bolt-on options and accessories available. Center opening with reversible grille for center channel speaker. Cabinet measures 85.5″ wide, 21.3″ high, 19.5″ deep, and weighs over 300 pounds. The Chicago features a Black Oak with Grass Texture finish. The Miami features a Warm White Gloss finish. The Oslo features Black Glass Doors and Black Oak End Panels.

Epson LS800 UST Projector Cabinets by Salamander Designs

Do you already own, or are you considering getting, the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 4K ultra short throw projector (which is offered in black or white)? Their X/EPSLS800/245 cabinets designed specifically for this Epson UST projector are available in Chicago, Miami (pictured above), and Oslo at

Hisense L9H and L9G UST Projector Cabinets by Salamander Designs

Already have, or considering purchasing, a Hisense 100L9H, 120L9H, 100L9G, or 120L9G 4K UST projector and ALR screen package? Their X/HSEL9/245 cabinets designed for these Hisense UST packages are available in Chicago, Miami, and Oslo (pictured above) at

Samsung LSP9T UST Projector Cabinets by Salamander Designs

Are you a proud owner, or potential future owner, of “The Premiere” Samsung LSP9T 4K ultra short throw projector? Their X/SMG9/245 cabinets designed for this Samsung UST projector are currently available in the Chicago style (pictured above) at

LG HU915Q UST Projector Cabinets by Salamander Designs

LG obviously has a special relationship with Salamander Designs, as there are ten distinct styles of cabinets designed for the LG 4K UST projectors — the current HU915QB and HU915QE models, and their discontinued HU85LA. The X/LG1/245S Model 245S cabinets are in the same style as the Model 245 of the Epson, Hisense, and Samsung cabinets above and are available in Chicago, Miami, and Oslo at However, the X/LG1/245 Model 245 cabinets for LG’s 4K UST projectors instead feature the projector bay covered with a speaker grille above two drawers and are available in Chicago (pictured above), Miami, and Oslo at

Don’t care about storage space to the left and right sides of the UST projector and/or prefer a much narrower cabinet? Measuring just 44″ wide, 21.3″ high, and 21.3″ deep, the X/LG1229S Model 229S cabinets feature a “dual speaker grille” front design similar to the wider Model 245S and are available in Miami Gloss Warm White (pictured above) and Siena Smooth Black Oak Veneer at The X/LG1229 Model 229 cabinets feature the projector bay covered with a speaker grille above two drawers similar to the wider Model 245 and are also available in Miami (pictured below) and Siena at

This page was last updated on March 22, 2024.